Projects History

2020 list of projects (Contact us for more details on each project)

GNBCC Projects

  • African Policy Dialogue – Ongoing ( A national organization of stakeholders to dialogue on Youth Employment in Ghana); Bringing together Political Parties, Private Sector Employers, CSOs, Educational Institutions, NGOs and Youth groups to dialogue on the way forward for sustainable youth Employment in Ghana.
  • GNBCC monthly interviews with heads of companies on camera – Ongoing

2019 projects undertaken

GNBCC Projects

  • Via Water Final Cafe
  • Enterprise Ireland Educational Fair
  • African Policy Dialogue
  • Blue – Green Mission to Ghana


Researchlime Projects


Researchlime Projects

GNBCC Projects

  • Make Africa Works Programme (Netherllands Parliament Programme)
  • VIA Water Programme (Aquaforall, UNESCO-IHE)
  • NWP Water Desk ( Netherlands Water partners)
  • Waste Water Sector Mission to the Netherlands
  • New Business Challenge 2017
  • VIA Water Skill Sharing Seminar
  • GhanaVeg Trade Mission



  • UNICEF/GoG Annual Sustainability Checks 2015 – (Sub-Consultant to KINAJ)
  • IEA Youth Capacity Building Initiative Baseline Survey–Completed
  • Market Research on the usage of Food Processors and Blenders in Ghana–Completed
  • Market Survey on Sport betting in Ghana for BF360–Completed
  • PFAG WASH in Schools end-survey data collection in 94 schools in Greater Accra, Central and Northern Regions of Ghana using Akvoflow.–Completed

GNBCC Projects –Successful completed

  • Dutch Career and Educational Fair
  • VIA Water Programme (Aquaforall, UNESCO-IHE)
  • Maple Consult/UNICEF 13+1 districts NR
  • Mango Processing Projects
  • RoyalHaskoning App Lauch
  • Car WASH project Workshop
  • New Business Challenge 2016
  • Sustainable Ports Mission – TU Delft
  • Dutch Pavilion at WACEE with 7 Dutch participants

Project History from 2012 to 2015

  • Sizing the potential market for safewater stations in Ghana.
  • FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) baseline survey
  • Start Assurance Field Survey
  • Media Monitoring Service (MMS) Quarterly Surveys
  • West Africa Regional water, Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) JN survey
  • Professional Footballers Association of Ghana (PFAG) baseline training
  • Educans School Project in the three Northern Regions of Ghana.
  •  FOCUS Group discussions for VIASAT1 TV
  • Akvo trainings on the use of akvoflow tool,
  • Ghana Netherlands Water Program (GNWP Phase 1)
  • WASH in Schools Promotion Officer for WASH United..
  • Skyfox – SMARTer WASH project on Urban Market
  • WSA (Water and Sanitation for Africa)statistical data analysis
  • CARE RSP and Relief International and G – WASH Evaluation project
  • CHF International YES project in urban regions of Ghana.
  • Mest Experience (2008-2011)
  • Educans – Akvo Training
  • Liberia – Akvo Training
  • UNICEF-Maple Consult – Akvo Training
  • FootballforWater – Akvo Training
  • Footballforwater – Baseline Survey
  • Fervent Research – Hospitals and Patients Data
  • Skyfox Pump project