Ghana National Polling Survey (GNPS): 3000 interviews

Infotrak a consulting firm in Kenya and across west Africa is seeking the services of Researchlime Ltd to assist in collecting field data on the opinions of voters towards the upcoming election in Ghana 2020. In all the 16 regions across 175 constituencies.

The opinion poll which is centered around the Ghana 2020 elections seeks to gather the opinion of voters on the major issues that are of concerns to them and what their voting intentions could be. The target respondents are mainly valid voters who qualify to vote in the upcoming parliamentary and presidential election in Ghana.

Researchlime team shall:

  • Engage, train and brief all field interviewers for the data collection activity.
  • Complete a nationally representative sample of 2,914 interviews within a set period of five (5) working days after training and briefing, as well as ensure that quality control standards are adhered to.
  • Upload all the collected data collected in real time within the specified timeframe.

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