Charity Water Sensor Installation Project in Ghana – Data from 1000 sensors across multiple regions

Charity Water, an international water focus organization in USA is working to install 3500 water sensors on AFRIDEV borehole across three African countries ( Malawi, Ethopia and Ghana). In Ghana, they are installing 1000 water sensors. These sensors enables them to track and report to governments and CSOs in the water sector, volumes of water pumped from each borehole, functionality of the borehole and to provide a system to easily accessing pump parts and organizing repairs. These is  a pilot project where the data will be loaded to google services and other platforms for use. In Ghana, we are working CWSA which the government branch in charge of Rural water and eight other water NGOs in this pilot phases.

Researchlime team shall:

  • Work with NGOs and other state institutions to install the 1000 water sensors
  • Will gather PD files data from each of the water points at the point of installations
  • Will gathering information about the community at which each of the water point is located to ensure that, there is easy access mechanics, easily to spare parts and community leaders to ensure the operation of the borehole when there are breakdowns.

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