Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Facility (Launched)

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently launched the Sustainable Goals Partnership Facility (SDGP). Through this facility, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to contribute towards achieving several sustainable development goals.  SDG Goal 2 (Ending hunger), SDG goal 8 (decent jobs and economic growth) and SDG 17 (partnerships for the goals).

The facility awards subside to public private partnerships between government organization, businesses, NGOs and/or Knowledge centers. The first tender is aiming for results on private sector development and improving food security in developing countries. Initiatives should contribute to the following development goals:

  • Reducing malnutrition
  • Promoting economic growth in the agricultural and fisheries sector
  • Creating econologically sustainable food chain
  • Creating a better labour condition and efficient working procedures  (better work and income as well as increase production)
  • Increasing private investment in developing countries.

SDGP is implemented by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The programme is current open and you can visit

Click to download the concept note

Click to download the second concept note

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