Nov 2016 – Jan 2017 (3 months project)


A third party verification arrangement was designed as part of the UNICEF-SNV PCA Partnership for scaling-up CLTS and Basic Sanitation Improvement (2013-2014). The verification process entailed: Districts requesting for verification; the focal person (EHSD) compiling list of communities, request being made to the independent verifier for verification; date and time is set and communicated to the Districts and a team is formed (RICCS member, Peer verifier, independent verifier), and the verification exercise is carried out on location. This process is considered transparent and its integrity considered high. This quarterly verification is therefore to identify the bottle necks and streamline the processes.

Our Role in the Assignment:

  • To develop the data collection tool for the field data gathering
  • The participate in visiting the sampled communities, conducting the interviews and reporting.
  • Collate all the data from the various instruments for analysis and presentation


February – April 2017

3 months project

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