Media Monitory Service (MMS) Field Surveys


Sep. 2013 to August 2015

MMS Waves is a quarterly data collection exercise organized by our major client and focuses on monitoring media habits and consumer behavior towards major brands in Ghana. In addition to monitoring the television watching and radio listening habits of respondents, it also samples the views of respondents on their personal consumption and usages of beverages, carbonated drinks, condiments and seasonings. It examines respondents use of telecom services, banking services, courier services, insurance and many other products. The task involves administering 2500 questionnaires ( 31 page each)  in eight (8) regions of Ghana every quarter; targeting different demographics.

  1. MMS Q2-2013 4nd Quarter – Sep – Nov 2013
  2. MMS Q3-2014 1rd Quarter- Jan – Feb 2014
  3. MMS Q4-2014 2th Quarter – Apr – May 2014
  4. MMS Q1-2014 3st Quarter – Jul – Aug 2014
  5. MMS Q2-2014 4nd Quarter – Nov – Jan 2014
  6. MMS Q3-2015 1rd Quarter – April- May 2015
  7. MMS Q4-2015 2rd Quarter July – Aug 2015
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