KKP Market Study (Accra and Kumasi)

September-October 2017

Ghana Nutrition Improvement Project has been started in
2009 to improve the nutrition situation of wearing babies
in Ghana by adding necessary nutrition as protein, vitamin
and minerals to their most traditionally popular
complementary food for mothers who have wearing
babies. CARE conducted a distribution test of KKP in East
Manprusi District in the Northern Region, in 2013-2014,
and got high continuous use ratio (62% of target
consumers used in past 7 days). There was therefore a
need for a proper evaluation to study further directions
about how to utilise NGO for this project. Researchlime
was therefore picked to conduct a consumer market survey
in two regions covering nine (9) communities across three
regions. In total 100 weaning mothers were interviewed


Researchlime Role:

  • To understand the target mothers’ behaviors and her understanding about nutrition of complementary foods. Hence prove the market potential and acceptability of the KOKO Plus product and also improve the nutrition situation with protein and amino acid.
  • Confirm the penetration of KKP and other competitive products about brand image, and usage (experience to use, current use (High, Middle, Low). And also clarify the current brand penetration, strength and weakness of KKP, and proper influences to mother’s behavior change.


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