GNBCC / NWP Projects


A 2 years contract(January 2016 – January 2018)

  • Mango Processing Project: A market survey on establishing a mango processing factory in Ghana
  • Via Water Project: A Dutch funding instrument targeting startups in the water sector in 6 African countries.
  • Workshops (WACEE / Cocktails and other workshops): We assist GNBCC in organizing workshops and training session for organizations


To provide research service assistant on projects. Some of the specific assignments include to conduct:

  • Market studies / water sector scans (to map the economic development drivers and the local private sector) translated into Dutch competences, requested by organizations.
  • An overview of the Dutch market (supply, knowledge, niches) by making use of the Dutch organizations that are currently active, to become potential leads, and to joint efforts;
  • Coherent and comprehensive communication to the local and Dutch sectors in order to: Offer the Dutch ‘package’ in clusters; Link demand and supply; And to create visibility;

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