What is Researchlime?

Researchlime Limited is a private research company that specializes in providing market research and logistical assistance to organizations targeting the Ghanaian market. With over 20 to 30 active field officers and research associates across the country at every given time, we work closely with known consultancy firms, NGOs and government Institutions on research projects. Since 2012, Researchlime has undertaken fully and in partnership with other recognized consultants/organizations projects for major clients such as UNICEF, MTN, GNBCC, GNWP, Promasidor, SafeWater Network, Media Monitoring Service, Akvo and many other international and local organizations.

Based in the capital Accra, we have regional representation in the ten regions of Ghana through our well coordinated network. And this network enables us to provide professional field services in the areas of community mobilization and engagement, field data collection, data processing, logistical arrangement, statistical analysis, field recruiting and capacity building among other research services. We specialize in using modern technologies such as mobile platforms, powered by android applications in gathering our field data. Due to our focus on providing field assistances, other research institutions and consultants relay on us in executing their field projects, especially in remote areas.

Our Strategy though Partnerships / Sub-Contracting

Researchlime Ltd over the years has formed a number of business partnerships and alliances with known firms and consultants across the country. These firms and consultants serve as clients to Researchlime and they engage us to undertake their field activities on their behalf mainly as their sub-contractors.  They  also  serve  as our sources  for  credible  information  on  projects,  references  and contacts,  enabling  us  to  swiftly  undertake  assignments  for  our clients. Some of the companies we still work closely with include: GNBCC (Ghana Netherlands Business and Cultural Council), Dutch Embassy in Accra, NWP (Netherlands Water Partnership), Institutional Research Ghana Limited, KINAJ, Skyfox Ltd, StrongHold Consulting and Media Monitoring Services (MMS) Ghana and Nigeria. We also work with individual associates and experts in their respective fields.

We look forward to forming a business partnership with your organization when it comes to research activities, especially those that fall within our domain as stated below:

Our Main Services

As a niche company, we focus on providing the following specific market research services to our clients and partner organizations:

  1. Community Mobilization/Engagement: One of our key strengths is our local presence and network in rural and urban communities across the country. With this network, we help research firms, NGOs and government agencies entering communities for the first time to undertake their projects easily. We assist in identifying and meeting with the right people, we assist in engaging key informants, organize FGDs, IDIs, we engage opinion leaders etc as well as mobilize support for projects especially in remote communities.
  2. Field Data Collection: We have experienced and motivated team of field officers who pose research questions directly to respondents (face to face) in a concise and smart manner in gathering the needed field data. As part of our development, we currently employ the use of computer-aided applications on mobile phones and tablets in replacing the traditional data collection methods of using pen and paper. This enhances data accuracy and provides real time access to field data.
  3. Training of Field Officers: Our presence in the ten regions of Ghana provides partner organizations an army of trained and tested field officers to engage in research projects. We can assist in recruiting the right officers, provide security and assurance on projects equipments, helps in selecting the right communities for project and the right agents to ensure the success of a project.
  4. Logistical Arrangement: We also specialize in organizing all the various logistics needed in undertaking projects in rural and urban communities. We recruit respondents; we arrange venues, food, transport for projects. In addition, we also provide data cleaning and statistical analysis of field data, partners search and match-making researches and other secondary data search services.

Our Aim

Our aim is to be the most preferred market research firm in Ghana and create a reliable and trusted local firm that international/local organizations can depend on for credible field data collection services, field monitoring, analysis and logistical arrangement in Ghana, especially within the remote areas. Our strategy is to operate actively at the grass root level and ensuring quality and quick mobilizations of skill officers for research services at the same time engaging other firms through partnerships.

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