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Field data is relevant to every Business owner or leader who seeks to bring a dramatic change or impact into his or her company. To gain access to field data, there are two key sources. Either primary or secondary data sources. If the data is readily available, secondary source is the best, one can easily get this by going to the source. However in Africa were data is not available on anything, or it’s not well structured and in most cases not update, it is relevant in get field data become making decisions,especially decisions that has a long term impact on an organization. For information such as customer perception about a company and its products, opinions of people about a service or person and other relevant daily information that keeps changing, one needs real time and updated information. Primary data is the main source of gathering this information. Researchlime, which aims to bring a lime light to research set out to make access to primary field data ease. To achieve this, we started by making various connections and contact across the ten regions of Ghana through our projects. These contacts in each of these regions we term as associates then become our key primary information source. These associates are involve in projects as and when a project is available, however we continue to have a relationship with them, even after a project is ended. To ensure continuity and maintenance of skill within the team, we also constantly connected and share relevant information that keeps all associated interested in being part of the  team.

Researchlime is currently gathering most of its field data using mobile platforms that are advance when it comes to field data collection. However, we started gathering field data using manual processes such as paper and pen/pencils. Our first contract in 2012 which was a three years continuous contract to gather field data every quarter (4 times in a year) was from Media Monitoring Services ( MMS Ghana). MMS quarterly data collection exercise was organized by Researchlime and our main assignment was to monitor media habits and consumer behavior of respondents towards major brands in Ghana across Eight regions. These regions were Greater Accra, Ashanti, Volta, Eastern Western, Brong Ahafo, Central and Northern. In each region, we cover about 15 to 20 communities. The questionnaire sampled the views of 2500 respondents every quarter on their television watching habit, radio listening habits, personal consumption of various products, usages of beverages, carbonated drinks, condiments and seasonings. The monitoring questionnaire examined respondent’s use of telecom services, banking services, courier services, insurance and many other products.

Our Role in the Assignment:

  • Recruit and train field officers to administer the questionnaires
  • To conduct face to face interviews in all the 8 regions, selected communities
  • Administering 2500 questionnaires ( 31 page each)
  • Process and compile the data for report to clients

Researchlime Ltd through the visit to these regions, we were able to build a strong network of field officers, research associates and community contacts that becomes useful in future projects. It also enabled us to established long term relationships with community leaders, chiefs, youth leaders and many other people that we come into contact on every project we undertake.

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