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  • RESEARCHLIME Ltd is a private Market research company founded in Ghana and focuses on assisting international and local organizations on field data gathering using modern technologies. Researchlime headquarter is in Accra, Ghana and has representatives in the ten regions of Ghana
  • RESEARCHLIME areas of focus is as follow:
    • Market Research (Feasibility, Customer Satisfaction and industry position studies)
    • Field data collection
    • Organizing Focus Group Discussions
    • Conducting Monitoring and Evaluations
    • Skill Training
  • RESEARCHLIME core competencies include:
    • Field Data collection, quantitative & qualitative evaluation of projects
    • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Statistical Data analysis and presentations
    • Research Methodology and designing of field tools
    • Data capturing software applications and usages
    • Data processing, validation and reconciliation
  • RESEARCHLIME started out as a sub-consultant for KINAJ Consulting and has gradually extended it services to organizations and clienteles in Africa and across the globe. We have been involved in over 40 different Data Collection projects since 2012.
  • Researchlime has undertaken fully and in partnership with other recognized consultants projects for clients such as UNICEF, MTN, GNBCC, GNWP, Promasidor, SafeWater Network, Media Monitoring Service, Akvo and many other international and local organizations.
  • Based in the capital Accra, we have regional representation in the ten regions of Ghana and this enables us to provide well-coordinated and professional field support services.

Partnerships and Associates

Researchlime Ltd has formed a number of business partnerships  and  alliances  with  known  firms  and  consultants across the country. These firms and consultants serve as clients to Researchlime and also engage our services to undertake their field activities on sub-contractual  bases.  They  also  serve  as our sources  of information  on  projects,  references  and contacts,  enabling  us  to  swiftly  undertake  assignments  for  our clients. Some of the companies we still work closely with include: GNBCC (Ghana Netherlands Business and Cultural Council), Dutch Embassy in Accra, NWP (Netherlands Water Partnership), Institutional Research Ghana Limited, KINAJ, Skyfox Ltd and Media Monitoring Services Ltd (MMS). We also work with individual associates and experts in their respective fields.

Our Aim

Our aim is to create a reliable local firm that international organizations can depend on for credible field data services, field monitoring and logistical arrangement in Ghana, especially within the remote areas. Our strategy is to operate actively at the grass root level and ensuring quality and quick mobilizations of skill officers for research services.

Our Team
Apart from our core team that is made up of a statistician, a researchers, IT & Mobile Application Specialists, our strengths lies in our network of nationwide field executives and contacts at the various district and community levels. Due to the number of projects we have engaged in over the years, we have built an active and trusted network of field officers in all the 10 regions and numerous district to easily participate in research assignments. We have regional representatives who are able to easily mobilize known officers for each community activity. Those who work with use are mostly:

  • District officers: These are people who are staying and working within the various communities in each district of Ghana. We engage these officers on contractual bases when we need to enter a community.
  • Graduates students; we also engage graduate students who live within some specific communities. These are people who understand the languages, able to write and translate responses into English.
  • Regular students: We also have regular students who take part in our field activities when there are on holidays and will like to experience working life.

In each of these cases, we have regional field supervisors with high qualification and experience who coordinate and manage field team on any implementing projects. Cloud storage servers are configured to accept and store field data from several regions/communities into a central database, which is accessible, by the analyst team in real time for data cleaning and analysis. This data is secured and accessible only through access rights authentication.